What Services do I need?

Depending on your likes and needs then different approaches to treatment may be taken.

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a number of medical treatments developed over thousands of years. Originally from China it quickly spread throughout Asia due to its simple effectiveness in aiding healing (hence the alternative names of Traditional Asian or Eastern Medicine). (Modern) Chinese Medicine has quickly gained acceptance and spread throughout the Western World due Chinese Medicine’s positive, preemptive and supportive effects on health.

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Acupuncture is a treatment that uses very fine needles inserted into key stimulation points throughout the body. These needles are not like hypodermic needles, if you have any fear of needles please discuss this with us.

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Cupping uses suction to aid the bodies healing and has become very popular amongst professional sports people due to its benefits on damaged muscle tissue but also has many other healing uses. Suction marks will appear on the skin, the colour of which is informative to the practitioner. Any marks fade within about a week.

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Herbal Medicine

Every culture in the world has utilised the benefits of plants in the management of health and healing throughout history. Modern Western Medicine extracts singular active chemicals from plants and produces them chemically in concentrated forms. Chinese Medicine uses the entire plant material so that one benefits from the synergistic properties of natural material blended for specific needs.

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Acupressure treats stimulation points throughout the body by the use of hands or smooth tools and is similar to acupuncture. Some may find this more painful than acupuncture, especially if one's condition is poor.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is also similar to acupuncture and is becoming very popular with Physiotherapist due to its effectiveness and speed in treating pain and muscular problems.


Initial Consultation (Up to ninety minutes)  $115

Return Consultation (Up to forty five minutes) $75

Services not listed are not currently available.